Browser Games Review

Get on top browser game

Today I decided to try playing some random browser games, the first of these two games being Lightsaber battles 3d.

Lightsaber battles 3D

LB is a very strange game and not in the good niche way.

Gameplay: Consists of three buttons, two for a downward and sideward slash of your blade and the other for a force push. The gameplay is extremely easy and irritatingly predictable despite being a fighting game. Not to mention the game is incredible badly designed, characters can be literally blown off screen by the force push unable to be seen so battles sometimes end where you cannot even see them anymore

Thoughts: When playing the game I felt nothing but announced at how hard the enemies are, not in a fun challenge but an outright they can attack more than you can kinda way. When you are not feeling annoyed it’s because you’ve discovered an exploit with button spam that guarantees a win leaving you feeling bored.

Second game: Get On Top

GoT us a co op game I discovered with my friend, now this game is worth your time

Gameplay: it’s a simple 2d fighting game where you control one of two characters attached to each other at the hands so the objective is to pull your enemy around till the hit there head on the ground, first to 11 points wins

Thoughts: when I played this game I fell in love with it, it’s simple rather crap-tastic graphics give way to such an amazingly fun combat system, it’s so simple and easy to grasp that you can’t help but get heated and enjoy the game all too much. Throughout my hour or so with this game I loved every minute, highly worth a look if you’re bored

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