Front-End Dev blogs incoming

What is happening everyone (all two of you beautiful humans)? I haven’t uploaded in a while. Covid is to thank for that, it was just so hectic. I’m gonna get back into it. I love voicing my opinion on games and such but now there is gonna be a more technical aspect to my blogsContinue reading “Front-End Dev blogs incoming”

The Story

Ive been working diligently on my board game an here is the next stage of its development, the story. You are a member of the Formidabant Universi Imperium. An imperium of military loyalists hell bent on control.Your Emperor has chosen you to hold the mantle of the Imperiums expansion. You must choose a class toContinue reading “The Story”


Hey guys! These are the work in progress rules for my also work in progress board game, Conquest. A board is currently being designed and a multiplayer component as for now this is single player There are 10 planetsZenon-1 200hpSarfis-2 300hpDupin-3 250hpMadong-4 60hpBaratka-5 500hpKimbure-6 150hpLognut-7 16hpWonta-8 540hpRadicon-9 300hpSepha-10 150hp Skylin-11 240hp Restance-12 150hp A playerContinue reading “Conquest”

Nukes R’ Us

Please watch this video before reading: So this week I was tasked with making a board game in ten minutes from scratch. It was a really fun experience, more so then I ever that it would. It was a genuine perplexing situation t try come up with a playable concept board game within tenContinue reading “Nukes R’ Us”

A selection of greatness

My chosen games: Halo 3 Persona 5 Forza Horizon 4 Just Cause 4 Star Wars Battlefront 2 Out of this bunch of honestly amazing games to play I have chosen two to talk about specifically. Those two games would be Halo 3 and Star wars Battlefront 2. Halo 3 is a much harder game toContinue reading “A selection of greatness”

A Halo 3 Review

Synopsis: It would be no exaggeration to say that halo 3 defined a generation, that generation being those who grew up on the Xbox 360 system. For those uninitiated among us Halo 3 is a linear, fps, sci-fi game released on September 25, 2007. The games story is a continuation of the story of Masterchief,Continue reading “A Halo 3 Review”

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