Yes I am back and yes I am doing another one of these very very late board game reviews. This time I am only about 5,000 years late as checkers is rumored to only have been invented in 3000 b.c!

How to play

The player on the side of black always goes first, unlike chess where the white pieces always move first.

If for example you play as black, then place all 12 checkers on every black square within in the first three rows of the board and vice-versa for the other player.

You may move your checker of choice once per turn but only along spaces of the same colour as your checkers.

If you encounter an opponent piece you can jump over it, if it has a free spot where you would land, therefore removing it from the game

Get a checker to the first row of the enemies side and you can upgrade to a king. A king can move forward and backward on the same turn after capturing a checker


Checkers seems like a game of chess for those who do not want to deal with the complexity and strategies of chess, its a game of chance for then anything as every piece only moves in one of two directions so i don’t much like this game very much, it feels like a demo for the full release known as chess. It lacks depth and doesn’t need much thought therefore making it less fun for me personally.

Thank you for reading yet another blog!

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