Go and Backgammon

To begin i have to say that by far, aside from chess that is, Go has been my favourite game to play

Go is a game of territories. Each player, beginning with the one using the black pieces places a single “stone” on the board at a rate of one stone per turn. A game ends when both players decide they have made all the moves they want or run out of pieces. After the game ends all points are tallied and a winner is decided. Points are gained by capturing an enemy piece by surrounding it from moving forward, back, left or right

This game is incredible fun to play and despite it seeming simple in nature a bigger board and higher level of control over piece placement reveals a high complexity to the game and a steep learning curve to master it.


To start each player gets 15 chips, two are placed on their 24-point, three on their 8-point, and five each on their 13-point and their 6-point. If a player is to win they most get each of there checkers to the other side of the board. This is achieved by rolling two dice, your first role lets you move one checker however many spaces you get and the second roll lets you move that checker again or another. A space is unable to be landed on if there is 2 or more enemy checkers on it


I found this game to be very tedious and not very exciting at all, while playing i didnt get much enjoyment from it and the rules on all of my sources where extremely complex to get through and rather boring to read despite it being a relatively simple game when it comes down to it. Not sure if ill ever play this one again but it was definitely worth the try at the very least

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