Nukes R’ Us

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So this week I was tasked with making a board game in ten minutes from scratch. It was a really fun experience, more so then I ever that it would. It was a genuine perplexing situation t try come up with a playable concept board game within ten minutes. I like that my game was based entirely around luck sort of like battleship, there’s not much input from the user it’s just up to the luck of the die whether you hit your target or not. A problem I faced with my game was how do you turn nuclear war into a turn based game of chance, I initially wanted one dice roll per player but it was waaaaaay too simple so a too step dice roll was needed as a solution, it’s still not the most complex game but a dice roll just isn’t that fun but being able to roll the dice and accidentally end up aiming at your own country and then needing to roll for how much damage you do to your own country makes it incredible tense on that second roll

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