A selection of greatness

My chosen games:

  • Halo 3
  • Persona 5
  • Forza Horizon 4
  • Just Cause 4
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2

Out of this bunch of honestly amazing games to play I have chosen two to talk about specifically. Those two games would be Halo 3 and Star wars Battlefront 2. Halo 3 is a much harder game to talk about because its alot more complex so that has its own separate blog but lets start with the much simpler battlefront 2

The story:

Well this is a multiplayer first game but there is a short story line, in it you play as Iden Versio the commander of Inferno squad an elite unit of stormtroopers tasked with eleminating high value targets and capturing points of interest for the emperor. It takes place during and after the battle of Endor where the first death star is destroyed and tells a cannon story of iden realising over time how corrupt and evil the empire is before she altogether goes rogue and joins the rebels slowly learning over time she was working for the bad guys all along.


The main game is multiplayer focused so we will stick to talking about that from now on. The gameplay mechanics are quite similar to battlefield 5. You pick a class; heavy, assault, recon and officer, each class has three unique abilities a set of four unique weapons to chose from and collectible cards called star cards which change that played units attributes to better suit your needs. Gameplay consists of several game modes but we will focus on two heroes vs villains and supremacy.

Heroes vs villains mechanics are much simpler then the ones of supremacy. It begins with you needing to pick from a range of established lore characters as to who you want to play as, I personally main Anakin Skywalker for the light side and my favourite character General Grievous for the Dark side. Teams of four here with each player needing a unique character there is no two Anakins running around like in the 2002 version of this game. The worlds for this game mode consist of maps from supremacy and other game modes sectioned off to make an arena sized area. Like other units every hero with the exception of anakin has three powers unique to them. For the sake of not explaining over twenty characters abilities ill stick with Anakin and Grievious. Anakins first move is called pull dominance. It is an area of effect move that through the force enables Anakin to pull any amount of enemies infront of him to close range. His next ability is passionate strike which enables him to get one hard hitting lightsaber strike to hit an opponent even if they are blocking attacks. His next is heroic might which is a 360 degree area of effect move that can be charged up, it is an outward force push that does massive damage and flings enemies a few hundred feet if they are caught in its range. His last ability is retribution which is a buffed version of heroic might that does the fully charged heroic might damage without a need to charge and also force chokes all enemies caught in its range for extra damage before throwing them. Each character also has a unique fighting style with a lightsaber, Anakin’s being he has a mid range stamina bar, which is used to decide how many attacks and blocks you can do before needing a rest to recover, and a heavy hitting lightsaber damage range, hes a tank character basically.

Now onto General Grievious. Grievous is not a brawling character, he has incredible low stamina and can only block a couple of attacks before just having to take all the hits head on. He is however a Jedi hunter just like in the lore, his abilities are based around sneak tactics and overwhelming his enemy making them panic. His lightsaber style is also very aggressive as its designed like stated before to overwhelm his enemies, he hits with between two to four lightsabers depending on which abilities are enabled, so hes a character that cannot defend but his offence is unstoppable now onto his abilities. His first is called Thrust Surge it enables him to lock onto an enemy at various distances depending on what star cards you have enabled and rush towards them at lightning speeds ending with him hitting them with all 4 lightsabers doing massive damage and sending the opponent flying. His next ability Unrelenting Advance enables him to activate all 4 lightsabers and rotate them at unblockable speeds as he slowly walks towards you. His last ability is Claw Rush which enables the cyborg general to get on all fours and sprint away like a spider knocking anybody in his way off of their feet.

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