Hey guys! These are the work in progress rules for my also work in progress board game, Conquest.

A board is currently being designed and a multiplayer component as for now this is single player

There are 10 planets
Zenon-1 200hp
Sarfis-2 300hp
Dupin-3 250hp
Madong-4 60hp
Baratka-5 500hp
Kimbure-6 150hp
Lognut-7 16hp
Wonta-8 540hp
Radicon-9 300hp
Sepha-10 150hp

Skylin-11 240hp

Restance-12 150hp

A player decides what class they want to be:
Rogue = can chose once per game to roll a 2 die and if they land a double all damage is negated if not take all damage minus 10hp
Knight = can reroll attack once per game whenever they chose
Deacon = Lowers health of enemy by 25 hp once per game whenever they chose

You the roll a dice 2 times to decide what planet you can move to, if you get a 6 you can go to planet 6, 5 or 7 so you’re rolling to chose a planet but you can visit the its two adjacent planets
If you land on a 1 you can visit planet 2-3 as well or if you land on Twelve you can visit planet 11-10

You then roll the dice a third time for a skill check, if you roll higher or the planets number than you have the option to attack it, if not then you cannot attack that planet and must move to a new planet, you also lose 25hp from air defences before you leave
Your health is 300hp

When you successful get the ability to attack a planet a forth roll is needed to decide the damage you so, this is a single dice roll
1=10 DMG
2=15 DMG
3=20 DMG
4=25 DMG
5=30 DMG
6=35 DMG

You can attack once every second turn while every other turn you roll as well to see how much damage you take from your enemy at the same rates as above, if you capture the planet successful you can regain health equal to half the damage you took during the fight

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