The Story

Ive been working diligently on my board game an here is the next stage of its development, the story.

You are a member of the Formidabant Universi Imperium. An imperium of military loyalists hell bent on control.
Your Emperor has chosen you to hold the mantle of the Imperiums expansion. You must choose a class to train as and head forth to conquer any planets that dare withhold the emperors rule.
The Emperor has granted you the Empires most deadly ship the “Manu Imperatoris”.
It is capable of destroying entire planets given long enough.
You set out to conquer the Hadron system, a collective of 12 waring planets, each battling to secure precious water and establish trade routes for themselves. Each planet is home to heretics who deny Imperium rule teach them the error of their ways and enlighten them to the Emperors grace and glory.
Each planet has varying levels of technology that decide how much damage they can take and deal out, be careful you are not invincible but you pack a punch too.
This viscous war has been deemed “Mors” (death)
Savagery has consumed the galaxy, bring peace under your Emperors rule.

“Mors pandens iter in posterum”

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