Yes I am back and yes I am doing another one of these very very late board game reviews. This time I am only about 5,000 years late as checkers is rumored to only have been invented in 3000 b.c!

How to play

The player on the side of black always goes first, unlike chess where the white pieces always move first.

If for example you play as black, then place all 12 checkers on every black square within in the first three rows of the board and vice-versa for the other player.

You may move your checker of choice once per turn but only along spaces of the same colour as your checkers.

If you encounter an opponent piece you can jump over it, if it has a free spot where you would land, therefore removing it from the game

Get a checker to the first row of the enemies side and you can upgrade to a king. A king can move forward and backward on the same turn after capturing a checker


Checkers seems like a game of chess for those who do not want to deal with the complexity and strategies of chess, its a game of chance for then anything as every piece only moves in one of two directions so i don’t much like this game very much, it feels like a demo for the full release known as chess. It lacks depth and doesn’t need much thought therefore making it less fun for me personally.

Thank you for reading yet another blog!

Mahjong…. Or at least the version I played

Unlike chess, Mahjong is a game i am truly new too and god was it confusing to get started in.

First things first, the rules. Wish i could give you a definitive answer on this one but im afraid i dont have the time nor attention span to do so as i found at least ten different versions of the game on the first google results page and i didnt dare venture into the dark abyss know as “results page 2”.

The rules of the version i played which was a rather simplified version i will admit, was you get a puzzle shape such as a pyramid. Each and every section of the pattern is comprised of small white tiles, each with a pattern and each being tied to one of seven overall sets of tiles. These sets are:






-The Dragons

-The four winds

Chess: A game of patience.

Screenshot taken from Pure Chess.

“I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists.” – Marcel Duchamp

Quote source

The first of the games I so diligently decided to try out this week was chess. I am no stranger to chess but as for this experience I decided to go up against marginally tactically superior opponent, a master level A.I. I reluctantly decided to do this despite my sense of pride around being am avid chess player. I can safely say I no longer have such pride.

Chess is a very perplexing game, it’s one I truly believe anyone can pick up and play with rather a lot of ease after learning a few basic rules, but despite this revelation I can’t deny either just how complex this game is once you start to devise your own strategies and machinations. I personally lay siege on my enemies with my knights while leading up to a head on assault with the Queen but that’s aside the matter.

So we’ve established its an easy to play hard to master game but how about how it feels to play it?

Chess is the friendship ender, I’m afraid it even sits atop the throne above monopoly itself. Chess imbues a strong sense of pride in every player that looks upon its plains of checkered black and white tiles. Every player feels like a strategic master with every single piece they take from their enemies clasp, it is something to behold but this feeling can easily be replaced by sheer annoyance when the master level A.I you foolishly decided to play against systematically wipes your side of the board clean leaving your pride shattered and ending in a long night taking your frustrations out in a blog post.

“Farewell”-My pride.

Browser Games Review

Get on top browser game

Today I decided to try playing some random browser games, the first of these two games being Lightsaber battles 3d.

Lightsaber battles 3D

LB is a very strange game and not in the good niche way.

Gameplay: Consists of three buttons, two for a downward and sideward slash of your blade and the other for a force push. The gameplay is extremely easy and irritatingly predictable despite being a fighting game. Not to mention the game is incredible badly designed, characters can be literally blown off screen by the force push unable to be seen so battles sometimes end where you cannot even see them anymore

Thoughts: When playing the game I felt nothing but announced at how hard the enemies are, not in a fun challenge but an outright they can attack more than you can kinda way. When you are not feeling annoyed it’s because you’ve discovered an exploit with button spam that guarantees a win leaving you feeling bored.

Second game: Get On Top

GoT us a co op game I discovered with my friend, now this game is worth your time

Gameplay: it’s a simple 2d fighting game where you control one of two characters attached to each other at the hands so the objective is to pull your enemy around till the hit there head on the ground, first to 11 points wins

Thoughts: when I played this game I fell in love with it, it’s simple rather crap-tastic graphics give way to such an amazingly fun combat system, it’s so simple and easy to grasp that you can’t help but get heated and enjoy the game all too much. Throughout my hour or so with this game I loved every minute, highly worth a look if you’re bored

“Thank you for reading, would love to see you around here again” – The Author

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