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Now lets get onto the last part of this review, the main gamemode of BF2, supremacy. Supremacy is a capture the hill style game mode with teams of 20 on each side. It takes place so far across 2 star wars eras, the clone wars and the new trilogy of movies with the original trilogy being added to the game mode in February. Players chose from one of the four classes mentioned at the start of the review and work together to capture as many of the 5 control points as possible. Your team needs to hold 3 of the control points to build up percentage in a gauge at the top of the screen, the more excess control points after that enable a quicker gauge fill rate. once at 100% a drop ship picks you up and carries your team to the enemies ship with the objective of being given 5 minutes to reach and objective and blow it up with the enemy team of course trying to stop you, if you fail the game mode goes back to the ground for another round of control point capture till we have a ship destroyed.

This game mode has the biggest maps in the game ranging from desert planets to tundra ones. Depending on what era you play in you play as either clones or rebels for the lightside and stormtroopers or droids for the darkside. Kills and causing damag to enemies gives you points. Build up enough points and you can get a reinfircement character which is a buffed version of a normal character with special abilities and a bigger health bar, save up even more points and you can get a hero like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader to play as. The game can be played from a first or third person perspective

What made this game succeed?

I think its really obvious why this game succeeded and that’s because of its variety. One minute you’re playing as a clone trooper fighting off hoards of separatist droids the next you’re Luke Skywalker clashing blades with Darth Vader and then you’re Poe Dameron blasting around the starkiller base in your X-Wing, when it comes to battles at least this is the definitive way to experience star wars. It is full to the brim with accurate to the movie characters each all unique in how the move and fight and to top it off there is even a pretty good little campaign to play through for those days you just dont want to play online. This game defines variety and for the small price of thirty euro i think its more than an amazing game for what you get. Aside from Titanfall 2 this has to be the most entertaining online game i have every played.

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